Bilalsays-In Literature

"Let the emotions flow!"

Dilemma !

Once upon a time,

You were a kid

And only possessed one right,

The right to remain silent!

Then the hormones with vigor

Made you youthful

And so you became a youth!

Now that you are one,

You possess the liberty-

And right to speech!

A freedom of speaking out your sanity

But dare not utilize it,

’Cause the old folks don’t like it!

It’s a hindrance to their superiority

The only way to effectively communicate,

Is be a rebel!

A tough one

Once you are one,

A curse you might earn!


Am I at fault?

imgQuoteMyFaultAt times,
Times that you won’t fathom,
When a loved one-
drifts away from your sight,
It’s either they fear much,
Much about hurting you-
About listening to your lamentations,
Or much,
Much that they are swift-
Swift to provoke,
Or much,
Much have they seen-
Seen the anger,
Flowing out of you-
You who they deeply love,
Delicate you,
Who doesn’t understand-
How painful it is,
To see-
See one whom you love,
With all that there is,
Disappointed in you,
They fervently wish,
To love-
And assure you of happiness,
That which they know,
That they-
Can fully not provide,
But definitely strive,
You to give-
Comfort within,
And calmness to cherish,
Do mind-
To appreciate them,
In whatever manner they appear,
Remember that you are human too.

Social Class?

You brag about your high class,

And boast of having a brazzen lass,

While you say I’m outta class,

And spit on mine disgusting class,

I wonder if you fart no gas,

Or have never broken a glass,

And speaking of class,

I’ve seen no maternal class,

In a case of labour pains,

About your life don’t make a fuss,

Because our graves’ dimensions,

Are of people of the same class,

The dead men’s class,

It is ironically not a curse,

But a reminder that we:no matter what are of the same class​

I can be a Rebel!

I know,

I can be a rebel,

Because rebels don’t struggle, 

They don’t go  over a huddle,

They only do a battle.
I know,

I can be a rebel,

I can hit you with more than a pebble,

I can make you wobble,

I can make your stomach rumble,

I don’t make you stumble,

I can make you crumble!
I know,

I can be a rebel,

But I want to be noble,

I want to be humble,

I want to be no trouble.​

A Young man’s Fantasy

A pretty lady,

A peaceful mommy,

A proud daddy,

A life so natty,

I abhor things that are clumsy. Continue reading “A Young man’s Fantasy”

A Warning to the thieves

Every thief is privileged to stealing tangibles,

But none has broken the cerebral safe,

To escape with knowledge.

A Message to Momma

I swear to be your superman,

When someone plays villain-man,

And where hope is lost,

Continue reading “A Message to Momma”

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,
I know I’ve failed,
And the favor in your eyes fade. Continue reading “Dear Daddy”

The Life of a ‘Workload’ Boy

He boots along life lane,
Since the tender age without mane,
He faces criticism,
But holds on with optimism,
Whilst faced with words of pessimism,
He brushes em’ out with spontaneous success. Continue reading “The Life of a ‘Workload’ Boy”

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